Coverage and Customer Service

One of the key success factors responsible for company’s rapid growth is prompt and diligent Customer Service. The company’s logistics department is always quick to respond being supported by two separate supply warehouses to deliver ordered goods in no time. Paul Brooks’s distribution network is extended to all major and minor stations of the country. The company’s sales team representatives pay regular calls to company’s key distributors in all corners of the country and serve as an immediate intermediary between the company and its customers. Paul Brooks’s logistics department prefers road transport to deliver goods to its nationwide wide customers due to its relative superiority in terms of speed, economy and reliability. In case of emergencies, it also employs courier services to make sure an uninterrupted transfer of goods as per customer preferences. The company also regularly announces customer incentives; yearly sales contracts and flexible payment options to facilitate its customers by appropriately employing an IT integrated accounting system. Each customer account is well-maintained and updated by company’s centralized software and can be easily accessed any time to show customers transactions and trade status.

All admired brands of Paul Brooks enjoy considerable appreciation across the border in the neighborhood countries specially Afghanistan. After the implementation of regulatory framework by the Drug regulatory authority of Pakistan in 2015, the company is promptly working to explore its new markets with its primary focus on South Asian, CIS, African and Middle Eastern markets.

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