Innovation in healthcare is a recent phenomenon, yet has been admired heartily by people around the world. It has helped develop a notion that healthcare is not just a disease-responsive concept but a means of maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Presenting healthcare in consumer-friendly packages and educating them through creative media to shape their lives complimenting their constantly changing health needs, is what innovation in healthcare is all about. Nature has been man’s oldest health companion. The diminishing significance of naturopathic therapies has now once again been reversed after the advent of scientific validation methods of Nature’s treatments. People around the world have begun to re-realize the infinite worth of Natural therapeutic options in solving their primary healthcare issues. The dependence on allopathic system has brought more harm than good to human health. It has left human bodies less immune and altered vital anatomic responses.

In response to this dire need to establish natural healthcare system in the country in a dignified manner, Paul Brooks designed its corporate objectives with its intent to streamline country’s healthcare beliefs with this re-emerging notion of research-oriented natural healing options rising globally day by day. Paul Brooks has built its entire corporate structure on this magical model of innovation. The presentation of its products as well as its corporate brand objects all signify this very theme. The company has the largest number of available dosage forms including:

Liquid suspensions, syrups, drops, sterile preparations, granules, dry powders, semi-solids, extracts, hard capsules, tablets, liniments, ointments, malt preparations etc.

The company has also invested heavily in automation of filling and packaging lines to develop a diversified array of packaging innovations to demonstrate natural products smartly that helps attract not only the consumer’s centers of attention, but also guarantee convenience of use. Some of the packaging innovations include:

Globally admired single-dose drinking ampoules for natural medications, sachet packs, pouches, alu-alu blisters, high standard tablet coatings, novel-shaped tableting, plastic laminated tubing, children friendly droppers, jars, P.E.T. bottling, etc.

In order to carry on this persistent journey of innovation and differentiation, our organization has developed its functional machinery accordingly. Our Product Development team comprises of our Research and Development Head, Production manager, Supply Chain representative and Director Sales and Marketing. A joint collaboration and input from these key personnel help development of a product that satisfies not only the internal parameters, but also assist in materialization of the precise expectation of consumers.
Equilibrium between diverse market demands and systemized GMP operations is maintained by implementing a flexible-run production planning system. Several production runs have been designed that facilitate the specialized needs to manufacture products with different market needs. Supply chain system has also been optimized for this purpose to ensure availability and viability at the same time.

The company has established an extensive physician’s database program to reach nation’s best Naturopaths and Homoeopaths directly through direct mails, electronic mails, smart phones and social media. To ensure the steady flow of therapeutic and product-specific knowledge to physicians and masses, Paul Brooks has appointed health experts that design state-of-the-art, scientific and referenced medical brochures and articles that not only favors marketing scores of products but also impart factual information about updated medical advancements made globally. The quality and quantity of literature produced by the company is sufficient to accommodate the intellectual thirst of the prospective audience.


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