Message from the CEO

It’s an emotional moment for me when I realize that my small organization which I started 30 years ago with a few members has turned in to a large unit with one of the largest production facilities and portfolios in the country. This journey was never easy under constant threat of ambiguous and unhealthy competition. Even during some of the most hostile political and socioeconomic barriers, the company kept hold of its sound progression.

In an environment where traditional medicine research and manufacturing practices in Pakistan suffered an absolute handicap, our organization didn’t lose hope and continuously strived for manufacturing excellence and research-oriented product development. Our Formulations are always derived from advanced and the most current researches that have been performed in this arena of Natural medicine all over the world. This improves the efficacy of products manifold and the standardized operations and Quality testing apparatus in the company make our products a symbol of reliance for health care professionals.

The signs of new dawn are now appearing for alternative medicine industry in the country. The new Drug Laws have now been developed to regulate and prosper the quality oriented manufacturing. By the grace of Allah, just after the implementation of new rules for Health and OTC products, our company has been officially licensed to manufacture alternative medicines, acquired GMP certification and has a distinction of an approved sterile section to manufacture ophthalmic, otic and nasal preparations.

I thank the Almighty, my parents, and my team members who have fully supported my endeavors. I would request every one of you to pray for the prosperity of my organization where I have tried to bring products that can bring some sort of relief to this suffering humanity.

Saboor Ahmed Siraj

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